An online marketplace that dynamically matches business owners or individuals looking for financing with lenders

Using the Namaste Credit platform and risk scoring algorithm, we match borrowers to financial institutions based on each other’s need — in a safe, efficient, and secure environment.

We have Patented the algorithm that dynamically matches the Loan Requirement with Lender Users


We help SMEs obtain the best Secured and Unsecured loans from lenders pan-India.

We also help Salaried obtain best Home loans and Personal Loans.

These loans can range from Rs. 1 Lac to 10 Crore and be Term or Limit-based.

Once the Credit Requirement is input, the Platform automatically creates the loan with the right Loan Product. The platform will then lead the user to submit document required for the particular loan product.

We support some of the following Loan Products

Business Expansion

Equipment Purchase

Existing Loan Refinancing

Inventory Purchase

Property Purchase

Working Capital

Loan Application Process

Complete Free Namaste Credit Application

  • Tell us about your business
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Upload documents

Get Matched with Multiple Lenders

  • We review your application & documents
  • We verify your eligibility and generate a credit score
  • Your application is matched with multiple lenders ready to act

Choose the Best Loan for You

  • You will receive one or multiple offers within 48 hours
  • You decide which offer to take forward
  • You get funds in your account

Complete Free Namaste Credit Application